Website is not active

I have successfully install the latest version of EHCP on local server at home. I've setup a domain name and successfully upload the web files via webftp ehcp provided.

the problem is, the page still showing the ehcp default page. it's seems not active although i've set the domain to 'active'.

ps: i don't change or make any configuration

the default is index.php if you have not overwritten it or your homepage start with index.html you have to call it: http://yourdomain.tld/index.html

in my opinion,

if i rename the index.php to anything, it should show the list under http://mydomain.tld/ domain, but still it show ehcp default page

if we remove the whole file under mydomain.tld's httpdocs folder it's should show a blank page in the browser.

then i upload a simple site i made with html, and accessed it http://mydomain.tld/index.html, but still it show ehcp default page.


hmmm...sorry...never had such problem with ehcp.
do you may have a link to your site?

no, my server is not online. i think i'll fresh install everythng. the last one was upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 with ehcp 0.29.12 to 0.29.13

i hope it resolve something :D

Pardon me for my bad english :-D

best way to setup EHCP on your server is from fresh install :D