System setup

I noticed you placed a how-to on the website but neglected to include any details on what is the base install requirements.

Can I use one of falco's perfect server setups and then install ehcp or just the first 2 pages from his perfect server setup instructions for whatever OS I choose such as debian etch or Centos 5 etc.

It would be better if you provided a more complete guide.

Also Im wondering if you have managed to incorporate a backup system into ehcp for disaster recovery.


I also found the how-to on I did a debian 4.0 install and installed ehcp. I logged into ehcp and created a domain. Everything seemed to work OK. I added the IP address of the server to the resolv.conf file on my PC and attempted to load the web page. It did not retrieve the IP address. I added the IP address to my /etc/hosts file and a web page would load, but it was the default ehcp-apache file and not the default index.php file under the domain. I didn't see anything under ehcp logged in as admin or as the user from the domain that would make the correct page be displayed. What needs to be done?

* You may install ehcp on any apt-get enabled linux such as ubuntu, debian, mepis, etc.
i dont know if Centos has apt-get support, but if it has, you may install ehcp on it.

* i am trying to write more and more documentation/guide, your are right, thank you for your patience.

* A backup/restore system for ehcp is going to be developed. it is in your roadmap.

* ehcp Forums were being cached for a while. Upon your email, i removed cache config to avoid misunderstanding...

* the named_ehcp.conf issue is caused by an ip problem.
the ehcp installer was unable to detect your ip address. so, template file is not filled with ip address.

what you should do:
goto phpmyadmin at bottom of your ehcp panel,
goto/choose ehcp db at left,
browse misc table,
edit dnsip row, set value as your current ip addres..
then, at your ehcp panel home, do syncdns, syncdomains,
this will fix the problem, i hope.

ip issues is handled in mor understandable way in the upcoming 0.22.8 version. it is on the way. there will be other minor improvements too in 0.22.8

thank you for your all interest, questions and suggestions regarding ehcp...

see you again.