wikipedia deletion of ehcp page - just a note

I have written this page months before, just same as other hosting control panel pages.
But, you deleted the page, with reason "speedy delete"
I even don't know what is "speedy delete"

As I understand, the page deleted because of so called "advertising".
I ask you: is page "" not advertising ?

plesk is fully a commercial company, and has no value with respect to an encyclopedia. What is encyclopedic value of plesk version history ?

I advertise your page, on my page,, for months, without asking you anything, I want you to live forever, donated to you,
and you delete this ehcp page with some reason... You can email me, if something is wrong..

I want to write pages with your guidelines and rules, but, give people some chance for learning your rules.. Not everybody can learn all your rules.

Hey, did you have a backup of the page? Right now it's empty, and you should update it. I don't know why they deleted your control panel, because it's free, and so is Webmin, but they still keep that. Maybe it was a competitor..

Long live EHCP. :)