EHCP with 2 IP's

I have created :

eth0 Ethernet
eth0:1 Ethernet (Virtual)

Both Ip's point to EHCP

Then in one domain I have changed DNS Settings:

ns1.{domainname}. IN A
ns2.{domainname}. IN A

But from outside when I ping ns1.domain I get dnsip and
when I ping ns2.domain I also get dnsip.

Is it possible for a domain in EHCP to work with two IP's ?

in fact, your configuration should work, as you expected. if you change that way, ping should ping to your 2nd ip. I dont know why it didn't worked.


what you see as output of this command ?(replace your domainname)

as dns, in ehcp, you may use 2 or more ip's, no additional action needed. just edit dns template.

if you want to divide domains between ip's, regarding web access, you may need some more settings.

If you register domain they need 2 nameservers different IP's
I'm trying to setup my domain with 2 nameservers.
server has 2 static ip's

At the end I can register domains as I have 2 nameservers
pointing to one server.

I have tried host ns1.domain and host ns2.domain
it gives me the same dnsip.

Strange thing I see, even when I ping xxxx.domain and xxxx is not even in the domain dns it still works.


Derick Nieuwoudt

I did the custom DNS wrong.

I did :

* IN A {webip}
dns20.domain IN A
dns22.domain IN A

The Correct way :

* IN A {webip}
dns20 IN A
dns22 IN A

Now when I ping dns20.domain I get and
when I ping dns22.domain I get



Derick Nieuwoudt