Email Catch All

Hi There,

One quick question.

I'm setting up a domain.
How do I setup 1 email with catch all function ?


with ehcp version 0.29.12 and later,
choose your domain,
email section, "Email Forwardings/Catch all"->click add
in email field, leave empty for catch all,
in "forward to" field, enter the email you wish all emails to be sent.

this is an email forwarding screen, you may use this screen to forward for example, to another email,
or even for email group features.

for example, may be forwarded to: saleperson1@yourdom,saleperson2@yourdom etc.

Thanks, for your quick reply,
It's working fine.


Derick Nieuwoudt

Running Linux SUSE mail server at work.
Juniper router go busted, quickly setup domain in EHCP at home, changed the MX records and was downloading email at home.

Jus wanne let everyone know that EHCP is the best solution for hosting.


Derick Nieuwoudt