Power your VPN Main Server using EHCP

HI, for my first blog in EHCP. I will show you how to use EHCP to power your VPN service.

1. Why EHCP?
answer: Coz EHCP provides low memory consumption for your VPS way better that the others. It also provides easy customization to fit your needs.

Here are the steps:
1. Install Ubuntu 10+ OS or whatever latest build into your VPS
2. Install EHCP.
3. Edit classapp.php to use plain text password.
Note: You can contact ehcp support for know hows on configuring this.
4. Add users to your EHCP main db for the "panelusers" table to be accessible outside.

open_basedir paths

I keep having this problem of inability to install any plug in or module to my website since I switched to EHCP.This is the error.

• JFolder::create: Path not in open_basedir paths
• Warning! Failed to move file.

I was made to understand that I have to set the tmp path to ftpuser/domainname/phptmpdir (I have tried several ways to do it (I am a complete newbie please)as much as possible and have not been able to solve it. I keep having the error. Today, I have to keep looking here and there on the NET for solution, yet, I am still in headlong with it.

email writing guide, use when sending any question/suggestion to us

Please note and follow the guidelines below concerning the writing of e-mail messages.

Give the message a subject/title. E-mail messages without a subject may not be opened because of a fear of viruses and especially note that it is very easy to forget to type this important information.

Subject contents
Keep the subject short and clear but avoid such headings as:
'hi', ‘Good News’, ‘Hello’, ‘Message from Mary’. These headings are common in messages containing viruses. Short but specific headings are needed,

new template and functions im working on. [screenshot]

Hey everyone. i haven't been on here on awhile but recently started working on a few things(on my development server ehcp install) that i would like to use on mine and thought i would share some things that im planning on doing and what Ive done so far. first off i decided to make a nice sleek looking template with nice icons and this is what ive got up to so far (not much yet but like how its going) i have also added a drop down menu that lets you choose your domains and sends you to the admin/reseller domain menu for the domain that you clicked within one click of the button (most of the ed

Guide to adding Google Apps email to EHCP

I'm very pleased to be able to finally bring a how to guide to adding Google Apps email to your amazing and free EHCP software. Hopefully this will make it even better.

1. Go to /var/www/new/ehcp and find the apachetemplate file. Open the file in your favorite text editor.

2. Delete this whole section:


DocumentRoot {ehcpdir}/webmail

LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" combined

Redmine Trac and EHCP How To in Ubuntu 10.04

Step 1: Install Redmine
Once you have a functioning Ubuntu operating system up and running, you can continue with installing Redmine.

Install dependencies
The following packages are required to install and run Redmine. Please install them by running apt-get as root:

sudo apt-get package-name

where package-name is each of: