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Ehcp Version 0.38.5 released with minor fix

This version fixes an outdated smtp issue.
In older versions, there may be problem athentication while sending email, for Ubuntu 16.04 and later.
This is mainly caused by an outdated pam module. Outgoing mail auth is changed/fixed in this version.
Note that, this is for Ubuntu 16.04 and later. You can download this from

For compatibility reasons, we keep original ehcp download of which is for Ubuntu's older than 16.04 (because, many installers may be using that url; here, filename is a bit confusing.. not actually latest.)

In summary; -> version 0.38.5 for Ubuntu 16.04 and later, updated in 22.10.2017 -> same as above, same file -> for Ubuntu's older than 16.04 -> same as above, same file


Hi, cannot extract the files.
tar -zxvf ehcp_new.tgz
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: A lone zero block at 39199
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

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