Ehcp Version 18.04 first preview available...

We have prepared first preview version of Ehcp 18.04, which is for Ubuntu 18.04.
You can download and try/test it from

We have tested only basic functionality. Ehcp installs directly, ehcp login works, domain/ftp add works.
We did not test every detailed feature, please test yourself and share your test results with us via

Next Ehcp Version ... with Ubuntu 18.04

I am planning to work on Ehcp for Ubuntu 18.04, just after Ubuntu 18.04 releases.
After Ubuntu 18.04 released, I will check Ehcp, fix any issues and immediately release new Ehcp.
This will be a LTS version of Ehcp, just like Ubuntu.
So, we will concentrate on new upcoming Ubuntu.
I plan to rename Ehcp versioning according to Ubuntu version numbers, such as Ehcp 18.04.0 etc.

A fix for Ubuntu 16.04

With Ehcp 0.38.5 and later (on Ubuntu 16.04), init scripts in /etc/init.d may cause some apt update commands to fail. So, please move ehcp and that is in /etc/init.d to some other location, until this is fixed.
After this move, apt -f install command would fix the apt system.

Ehcp Version 0.38.5 released with minor fix

This version fixes an outdated smtp issue.
In older versions, there may be problem athentication while sending email, for Ubuntu 16.04 and later.
This is mainly caused by an outdated pam module. Outgoing mail auth is changed/fixed in this version.
Note that, this is for Ubuntu 16.04 and later. You can download this from

Net2ftp problem in newer Ubuntu's - Fixed - Patched

We have noticed that, Net2ftp is not compatible with newer Ubuntu's with php7. since php7 seems to have removed some php functions and net2ftp is last updated in 2013, there is some incompatibility. So, it is normal that net2ftp does not work on new Ubuntu's. We are working on this issue. We will either fix net2ftp or find an alternative.

Moving to a new harddrive - with lvm - luks encryption

In this post, I will describe how to move to a new harddrive, either server or desktop (linux).
This topic is outside the "hosting" topic, but may be useful for you.

I have one old drive, (/dev/sda), Luks encrypted.
one new drive, bigger (/dev/sdb)

New drive has no partitions (or may have also...)

This command copies all of old drive onto new one, with a kind of progress indicator..
pv -n /dev/sda | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=128M conv=notrunc,noerror

this takes long time, depending on your old drive size.