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Ehcp force edition

OwN-3m-All has made some changes to standard ehcp installation, fixing some issues. Here is download link:


He made several changes in the install.sh along with main ehcp class.
You may download and use/test it at your own.
You may also write your comments here or on his site.
He called this "force edition". Thanks to him for contribution and bug fixes.

What Is EHCP

EHCP is a Free Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint/Pardus and similars, a web based software for managing your hosting server. You can manage your domains, ftp, emails and more using EHCP

vsftpd issue -should be solved - please test

As we noted earlier, vsftpd has bugs/new behaviour after Ubuntu 11.10. We are working on fixing that. The new file,


is being tested now. It should be able to install including vsftpd. Please test this as much as you can and send us your results.

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