Mysql database issue and solution

We have noticed that, some mysql installations does not allow us to connect as root.
So, we updated the installer to overcome that (Ver 0.37.10.b).

Tha problem is described shortly at

If you live problem in adding mysql db's, in your existing ehcp installations, you need to run:

shell$ sudo mysql -u root

Alternative Ftp server in case of trouble

As you know, ehcp uses vsftpd as the ftp layer in server. However, there are some problems in this ftp server since a while. There are some errors like "refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()" or " must be installed for pthread_cancel to work".
These errors may arise also after Ubuntu/package upgrade.

Set Nginx as default webserver

Question (shortened): How can I set nginx as default and make sure it works, not apache,

Short Answer:

The short, easy, practical way: ehcp gui -> options -> advanced -> select nginx, submit
if you do not do this, the default server of apache will be invoked in some intervals by ehcp.

Related Info:

A less known feature of ehcp is its nginx integration,
and ehcp is known to be first and only opensource hosting control panel that supports nginx directly.


Ehcp Features

(Updated 03/06/2015)

Ehcp is a Hosting Control Panel.
Ehcp is a tool in a server to facilate the process of hosting domains, emails, adding domains, ftp users and so on.

ehcp General Features:
* Full php, full opensource, easily modifiable, customazible, ehcp templates
* Unlimited "resellers, panel users, domains, ftp users, emails, mysqls"
* Domains, subdomains, ftp, mysql, dns (automatic), email etc. management
* password protected domains,
* Email forwarding, autoreply, catch-all emails,
* Web-stats (webalizer)
* web-ftp (net2ftp)

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