clients web page

As a newbie to linux and Ehcp i decided to migrated from MS SBS 2008
and so im only used to GUI controls/settings

ok i have installed a clean ubunto 10.4 OS and Ehcp, all installed well,
upon accessing Ehcp as admin i then bought a domain name from and forwarded my domain name of to my roughter ip- real ip of for which can access my Ehcp control panel and login, But when i create a new client i cant seem to see the default web page, So i created a new subdomain at called and forwarded it to my real ip but still no webb page for that client

so i looked into the system folders for the clients and the folder and webb pages are their and seem ok, but just can't access them either when logged into the clients Cpanel and clicking on the little blue icon or even on the WWW.

so im in need of help on how to make it work
Thx to anyone that can assist

the reason is this, I think:

when I check the wois of your domain, I see that, the dns of your domain seems:

appearantley, these are not yours.
change these to be like and
where, is your domain and is setup in your ehcp.

appearantly, your redirection from registrar to your server is not complete.
you need to change those dns servers in registrar.

thx for you support

as you said was correct and so i changed my isp dns settings to my ip address and now i have and forwarding to py broadcasting ip address,

but i still have 1 problem all subdomains forward to clients address but for some unkown reason when enter my business address main server meanining is that their is no connection, is their a way you or i can give you access and look and see what im doing wrong,
as mentioend above my bisiness is hosted at my meaning i hav domain set as to my ip of but if on local conection it will goto default page, but not on external ie www. but my subdomain clients will

i would be most gracfull to your help. and once setup i will and quote provide fundings as i have been aproched by many cpanel company's to aid me but their scripts are poor verry poor. and the best tool on the market for free is WEBMIN and workd brill

ok iv gone on a bit but hence if one does their reaserchthen one could have one off the best hosting server on the net using you EHCP

regsrds Spudnick

send your ssh login info to
i will check
send your domain, ip, etc.

Well i tried to find out how to setup and give you access by using SSH, but im not sure on what to do, i did set you up with a ssh account but for some uknown reason i just cannot connect from another pc

user name was correct
password used to logg in was correct
ip address was correct

so what i did i clicked on Places and then connect to server using SSH
i then entered the domain ip and your name as the user name and it started proccessing then the option for password came up so i entered the correct password but does not connect, so im stuck

But i can log into the system as a user with the above account details, well i mean the one i setup for you,
i will keep playing around untill i figure it out.

most probably, you did not install openssh-server on your server.
apt-get install openssh-server

If you want some help with this let me know. aim: uzapooh5