New version


Any news on the new version ?

about to release,
may be downloaded and tested from

i will announce it to public after some testing.
now seems to be working, at least, I use it on my server and some servers do use it.

Will download tonight and do some test runs with it.


Derick Nieuwoudt

I have made a clean install of Ubuntu 9.04
Then I installed

After everything was installed I created a domain, setup mail.
Mail wount download, password problem.

Restarted machine, error

ACPI: Aborted because crc error

Will try with Ubuntu 9.10


Derick Nieuwoudt

Looks very good


Derick Nieuwoudt

\TEST\ehcp_yeni.tgz: The archive is corrupt
\TEST\ehcp_yeni.tgz: CRC failed in D:\Hosting\TEST\ehcp_yeni.tgz. The file is corrupt

i tested now, it works,
so, please download again.

download and install worked fine!!!
have to test later more.

i´ve to move 2 servers on the 19/20 april.

1) are there plans for a new public version before that date?

2) do you recommend to install ehcp_yeni.tgz on a production-server?

otherwise i will install the latest public-version.

1) I plan to include some little enhancement in new version, so, may not be public until that date,

2) currently, ehcp_yeni.tgz is quite stable (I think) and I am already using it in production servers, so does somebody. so, you can use that too. I hope I will fix any issues if occurs. and know that, downgrading is also possible, if something goes wrong with new version.

in fact, although latest public version (ehcp_lates.tgz) is something stable, it contains some bugs, which are fixed in new version. As you know, this is software, some bugs goes, some new bugs may come. I am trying to be careful as much as I can. Thats why I choose Ubuntu as base system.

If you(and anybody else) needs help while installing/using his/her server, I will try to help asmuch as I can.

see you,

ok...thank you.
will go with one server with the newer version, the users accepted the test-phase.