Server Donation Guide

Thank you that you think to donate us a server or vps.
ehcp lives with your donations.

If you want to donate a server,vps or hosting/reseller to ehcp, You should agree the following:

  • The server should have at least 8G ram, 500G hdd, 8-core cpu, (200g hdd, 4-core for vps). This requirement may increase in future.
  • The server should have enaugh other conditions such as network connection, bandwidth for a normal hosting operation.
  • Server should be linux(Ubuntu, latest server version) installed, or that installable, No Windows donation accepted,
  • You should provide minimum network downtime, for a normal hosting operation.
  • If this is a "Server Donation", you should give full root access for it, whole control of us. (Other shared hosting may also be accepted, but that is not a server donation, that is "hosting donation")
  • You should agree that, server/hosting will be available at least for 6 months from start time. We cannot accept servers that do not give at least 6 months.
  • After 6 months, you must inform us 1 month in advance, if you think to stop the server donation; so that, we can move our data out of server.
  • Since we will put valuable data on it, do not remove it without informing us.
  • we should be able to use the server for any legal purposes.
  • If you have some limitation in bandwidth usage, say this to us at start of operation.
  • If you do not own the sever, datacenter, or some equipment, then, take necessary permission from owner, or the company. Do not give us the server that you do not own or you do not take permission.

    After deciding to donate:

  • For some limited number of donations, and if you wish, we may put a logo in our sponsors section. If you want to be listed there, send us a logo of size like (the size may inrease with size of server/donation)
  • if you have a vps/dedicated server control panel (for rebooting,re-building etc) provide that panel url.
  • Install latest ubuntu to server, no other software, only ssh access, send us login info.
  • If possible, please give me your phone number so that I can reach you whenever we need phisically to do something such as reset (also say your timezone, so that we do not disturb you in the middle of sleep.)

    Thank you for reading all this.