Funambol - Installation/Configuring

Hi. I'm trying to set up Funambol (server/client software for PIM/e-mail syncronizing with a bunch of desktop/mobile devices) on my server.

I'm running EHCP on a Debian/Lenny, and has installed/started funambol without any errors.

Unfortunately I can't get to the administration part which is meant to run via web. I suppose it has something to do with the way apache is setup by EHCP.

I know this isn't the main focus of this project, but if anybody has some suggestions on how to get things going they would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I'm getting a little nearer to the goal.
Funambol uses Tomcat, so what I need to do, is to setup mod_jk.

I've tried the method described here without luck.

you can install tomcat in ubuntu easily with apt-get commands.

Got things more or less running, only to recognize that my hardware is hopelessly under min requirements.

Found another option "Z-Push" which is much easier on the hardware..

A simple config file is actually all it takes, and som php.

Maybe you can help me with the imap conf.

Guess this is the part of the file that needs tweaking:

// ************************
// BackendIMAP settings
// ************************

// Defines the server to which we want to connect
// recommended to use local servers only
define('IMAP_SERVER', 'localhost');
// connecting to default port (143)
define('IMAP_PORT', 143);
// best cross-platform compatibility (see for options)
define('IMAP_OPTIONS', '/notls/norsh');
// overwrite the "from" header if it isn't set when sending emails
// options: 'username' - the username will be set (usefull if your login is equal to your emailaddress)
// 'domain' - the value of the "domain" field is used
// '' - the username is used and the given string will be appended
define('IMAP_DEFAULTFROM', '');
// copy outgoing mail to this folder. If not set z-push will try the default folders
define('IMAP_SENTFOLDER', '');

// ************************
// BackendMaildir settings
// ************************
define('MAILDIR_BASE', '/tmp');
define('MAILDIR_SUBDIR', 'Maildir');

// **********************
// BackendVCDir settings
// **********************
define('VCARDDIR_DIR', '/home/%u/.kde/share/apps/kabc/stdvcf');

your imap settings, port, localhost etc seems correct.
i have no idea about options, notls, etc.

But, you may look at webmail(squirrelmail) directory. because it also uses imap to connect to server, and is successful

Guess the problem lies in the login process. Print from mail.log

Jan 30 11:48:35 mail imapd: LOGIN FAILED, method=CRAM-MD5, ip=[::ffff:]

So the sollution would probably be to make z-push use plain login.