FTP bug with long domain name


I have made 2 websites with success on our new server.

I use the "Easy Add Domain(hosting, all usernames/pass same)" link in Ehcp.

I create the domain (not with www). and a password with 20 charactères.


It's ok for this 2 domains.

My problem :

I try to create one domain with long domain name :


The domain is created but there is a bug with ftp account.

Is it possible to have long domain names in ftp account ?

yes, possible, i will make it longer in newer ehcp releases.

You can fix your copy by:
go to phpmyadmin, ehcp db, ftpaccounts table,
edit table structure,
make longer username field, or related fields.

then, re-add domain in ehcp.

that should fix your case, your copy of ehcp.