Upgrading to the latest version

I tried to upgrade ehcp panel from 29.09 to the latest one, everything worked i could access the panel and also the websites worked perfectly. But when i rebooted the server everything stooped (only emails were functioning). No websites and no ehcp panel worked.

Now I have restored my backup to 29.09 which is working, any idea how to fix this problem ? as i would like to upgrade to the latest version.

Kindest Regards
Jean Paul Medati


I need following information in order to help you:

  • download latest: http://www.ehcp.net/ehcp_latest.tgz , then install it,
  • on server console, as root: echo "" > /var/log/ehcp.log (this truncatest that file)
  • restart your server,
  • send me your /var/log/ehcp.log file, (info@ehcp.net)
  • send output for: ps aux | grep php
  • cat /etc/rc.local
  • ps aux | grep apache
  • I made a full reinstall of ehcp, imported my old ehcp database and now works fine,
    (upgrading on-top of 29.09 does not work)

    Jean Paul Medati

    in fact, upgrade also should work, but appearantly, something goes wrong and I dont know what went wrong...

    you latest version should be 0.29.11 as of now..
    I continue to develop steadily (a bit slow.. )