Deleting accounts


When i delete an account it says deleted but still show's up in the control panel

How do i go about removing it?

It will let me delete the reseller

but on the client/panel list it's still there and says its there and i delete it it says deleted but its still there after i delete it?

Please give more info:
which version of ehcp do you use?

I tested with latest version of 0.29.10, and it works fine.. it was also okey for 0.29.09
download and install latest version 0.29.10 from
then re-try, let me know the result.


I downloaded using

tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
cd ehcp

But i will give that a try

Hey ehcpdeveloper,
I'm a bit confused, when I download latest vers from, I get vers. 29.09, and when I log into cpanel you referer to vers. 29.10.
After this I found the 29.10 vers. on sourgeforge, latest_yuni.gz, I have same problem as Dexxa, cant delete account i preconfigurations (new Install), after download vers 29.10, i look in all the files, here you have different vers nr ?
And in about 10 files sends emails to, why ?.
And there are a lot of href to outside servers, every time i test the server and cpanel, I think it sendts a lot of info out, can you tell me about it!

The email thing is described at

file is new upcoming version of 0.29.10, it is being tested now, not released to public yet..

file is latest stable release..
Both should work, concerning account deletions in ehcp.
I tested, it seems work..
So, If you live the issue of "cannot delete" then, I need to investigate it on your server.. contact me by email on

Hey ehcpdeveloper,
Deleting account working now after reinstall echp 29.09.

But Im not comfortable with all the info ended up on email and connections to servers, but I just look at the code
and return again.
good work


as I noted on other post,
You can easily disable all those mailings, by:
find and replace all emails with yours,
just comment out those lines with #

thats it..
it is for debugging and seeing what is going on about ehcp..
I did a lot of improvement with those emails..

Anyway, I understand that not all people like that.. it is normal...

Let me know, if you need further assistance...

More information on my specs

Debian 5
512mb ram
Running on a vps from a quad core server

keld good find, It sends email's to them? Even i dont know why,

Also noticed when you install the panel it has an admin account with the same email,