Changing Email Password

I am using your ehcp ver 0.29 and install in Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS
and is running very good. Thanks for your program. I have started adding email account using your EHCP Control Panel. My email users request to change their password when login to the SquirrelMail without login to EHCP Control Panel. So what I did, I install the change_passward plugins in the squirrelMail. Is working fine and can detect the existing passward of the email user. The problem is they cannot change it to a new passward. the message is "An error has occurred while attempting to change your password. Please contact your system administrator" . I am realy stuck

Please can you help me


Currently, email passwords can be changed from within ehcp, by user or by admin.
email passwords are stored in mysql database of ehcp db.
So, normally, you/email user needs to login to ehcp, then change password.

squirrelmail change_password plugin cannot change email passord, i think, because passwords are stored in a mysql db.
Maybe Squirrelmail change_password plugin can be edited to fit ehcp way (mysql db) of email passwords.
This needs some investigation. cannot be done fastly.
When I have time, I will try to look into change_password plugin of squirrelmail and try to adapt it to ehcp's email system.

Until then, you can only do it by means of ehcp gui, sory.
users can login to ehcp using username of "" and their password. Upon login, they will see a page to change their pass and to define forwardings..
since ehcp gui has forwardings too, it may be more suitable for someone.

Thanks for your advice

see you