ehcp paypal integration

(10:32:58) resoster: hi
(10:50:10) bv-gtalk: hi
(10:50:50) resoster: r u developing ehcp
(10:50:51) resoster: ??
(10:51:37) bv-gtalk: yes
(10:51:53) resoster: i need to integrate paypal billing
(10:51:56) resoster: into ehcp
(10:52:05) resoster: how do i do that?
(10:52:11) bv-gtalk: billing for hosting ?
(10:52:16) resoster: s
(10:52:41) bv-gtalk: is there php api for paypal ?
(10:52:48) resoster: there is
(10:52:51) bv-gtalk: for paypal checkout, you need first billing..
(10:53:08) bv-gtalk: billing is not directly exist in ehcp, but we can implement in a simple way
(10:53:51) bv-gtalk: ow, paypal... this should simpler... i thought it was a bank...
(10:54:07) bv-gtalk: we should work abit on it...
(10:54:15) bv-gtalk: 1st - a simple billing in ehcp,
(10:54:20) resoster: ok
(10:54:21) bv-gtalk: 2nd- paypal checkout ?
(10:54:24) resoster: yes
(10:54:39) bv-gtalk: ok.
(10:54:40) bv-gtalk: can you
(10:54:41) resoster: and 3 rd a domain name order and hosting order page
(10:54:48) bv-gtalk: find page for paypal
(10:54:50) bv-gtalk: php api
(10:54:52) resoster: i can send it across to it
(10:54:54) resoster: 1 sec
(10:55:10) bv-gtalk: domainname ordering is a bit more complex... i think...
(10:55:13) bv-gtalk: later maybe
(10:55:19) resoster: ok
(10:55:25) resoster: it is also simple
(10:55:40) resoster:
(10:56:07) resoster: see
(10:56:09) bv-gtalk: now , i am a bit busy, we should work on this by negotiating by email, one by one, step by step...
(10:56:13) resoster: ok
(10:56:18) resoster: ok
(10:56:24) bv-gtalk: i will try for this ... we may also discuss on forums section.. on
(10:56:34) resoster: ok
(10:56:37) resoster: try paypa
(10:56:48) bv-gtalk: bye now, i will work and le tyou know..
(10:56:54) resoster: sure
(10:57:07) resoster: when its finished just send me a message
(10:57:15) bv-gtalk: btw, r u programming php ?
(10:57:20) resoster: s
(10:57:23) resoster: sort of
(10:57:48) bv-gtalk: then, have a look at ehcp code, you will find it simple, and will be able to improve...
(10:57:59) resoster: ok