Email receiving went ok. But sending email won't work

I have installed Ubuntu server 8.10
and next I installed your control panel
which went very slick. Thank you so much.

Now on a desktop connected within my local network
I have successfully created an IMAP account to retrieve
the incoming mail. That works beautifully.

However, when I want to send mail, using the just
installed server I get an authentication error.

I've looked at the log and it states:

connect from unknown[ my desktops' local ip ]
warning : SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: Permission denied
warning: unknown[ my desktops' local ip ]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: generic failure

I hope you can tell me what I've got to do to make it work?

regards, Jo-Anne

With default configuration of ehcp/postfix/courier, you should not use ssl, sals or tls
Just use normal plain passwords.
While setting up your account on your imap client, dont ue ssl or tls... use plain settings..
And note that, if you are on same network as your server, then you cannot use your as mailserver, because it will point to your outside ip. instead, you should use the server's internal ip..

You may also use your webmail.