how to use Let's Encrypt with EHCP?

First of all a big PRISE. Having used Plesk and ISPconfig I always had troubles with email - but EHCP - surprise - Email worked out of the box - well. Some tweaking still needed, but otherwise excellent! (even Google accepts)

I'm using Ubuntu 18.4 with Webmin as a helper. Virtualmin was an option, but is really made for nerds and awfully time consuming...

Now to EHCP, the self-signed SSL for websites is working ok, but browsers doing silly warnings.
However, how to implement Let's Encrypt without trashing anything?

Can anyone give me some hints? I could invoke Let's Encrypt over the OS - not sure if this may have odd effects with EHCP.

Thanks in advance


This is a little bit late answer, but,
Lets Encrypt that you invoke through Os console will work fine with Ehcp.
You just need to put nececssary configuration in webserver config. if configs are ok, then, https will work.
If configs are broken, you may loose connection to panel, in that case, use fallback operations to fix webserver from console.