Directory structure

Sorry for all the questions lol...
OK so I host a site on an Ubuntu Server 11.10 PC with EHCP.
I use DynDNS because I have lousy DSL with dynamic IP addresses...
Anyway, that means I have to access my EHCP control panel (if I'm home) with instead of
because for some reason if I use the dyndns address from within my LAN it times out (even though it works perfectly from anywhere else in the world)...

BUT that means I can't access my forum! I created a new user on my EHCP server, added the domain to the server, so it works bautifully from everywhere else, except I have to use a proxy (like or something) to go on my forum... very annoying!
How do I access it? like


use hosts file technique, you may find some info about this, on and web.
put your local ip into your hosts file, with your domainname, like:

this way, you will be able to access your domain through your local ip.
hosts file is at /etc/hosts in linux,
....\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in windows

Thank you so much! it works perfectly :)