Help! I have deleted index.php from ehcp

I have accidentaly deleted the file index.php from ehcp and instantly i lost all sites, i lost capability to remote the server and i can only access it directly. How can i restore that file?

I tryed to apt-get install scalpel in order to recover the deleted file but the server dont allow me to install it and i am not recognized as root. (But I was logged in with root...)
I tried with sudo... and same result.
How can i bring the file back or repair ehcp?

To explain myself... I wrote rm instead of mv... I just wanted to modify index.php, but i did not kow it is so important that the server will not work a second without it :((

It is verry bad! After a restart I have no command prompt in ubuntu, i cannot log in with root. :((
How can that index.php to have so much impact over the system???

login to your webhost account, via ssh, and add an index.php from the ehcp_yandi file.

In the moment that index.php was gone, I lost ssh connection. I restarted the server and now I dont even have root login, nothing, the server is not starting well. The screen remain black. I have no ideea what to do.

Meanwhile, i have set up another ubuntu on another hdd. How can I get access in the old hdd from the new ubuntu?
I think this can be the way to copy the index.php back or at least to backup files from that hdd.

If you have lost SHH then that is a ubuntu problem, ehcp dose not effect SHH, maybe your server got hacked via your port?

The SSH died in the same second when I rename index.php from ehcp.
And some minutes later when I reboot the system, it has no prompt for log in. The server was dead. I dont think it was someone else, becouse it was happened exactly when I did that. I is verry strange indeed that all the system fails only from that file, bat that was exactly the case.

So, I tryed to read that hdd in windows for backup. I used EXT2 volume manager and this program cannot mount the partition, so, next I tried to mount that hdd in a new ubuntu, but it said that the partition is corrupted or something... Probably the windows program has ruined the partition. I would like to backup my files from that hdd, but i dont know how can I did that.

my advice, is for you to to post this problem at: