processing now... by daemon in my backup list

I have this:

6 4migr_devel-Backups:-mysql-files-ehcpdb backup-2011-03-03_19-05-58 2011-03-03 07:05:58 processing now... by daemon

in my list of backups, and its been there for days, what's going on is my system really trying to back something up? What can I do?

two possibilities:
* your ehcp daemon has started backup process, but not completed/crashed
* your backup still continuing

to check,
go to console:

see if you have a php process who has taking many of system resources.
if yes,then, your backup is continuing.
if not, then, it has interrupted.

thanks, command init is taking up the most system resources, but I don't think that's the backup. How do I delete these things off my backup list? I tried to use the delete button but it says that nothing could be found.

When I try to delete a backup, it says: Nothing/No Record Found., is there anyway I can delete from the list using mysql?

just use phpmyadmin or similar to delete that from backups table in ehcp db in mysql.
you lose nothing by deleting it..

after doing a backup in ehcp gui after 1 minute it returns complete but whit 126 size of the backup. when i download the file it is empty.
30 -Backups: backup-2012-04-18_23-32-51 2012-04-18 11:32:51 127 complete

these are the options:

Enter a name for your backup
Backup mysql databases (that are listed in ehcp):
Backup Site files:
Backup ehcp files itself:
Backup ehcp database itself:
Email me when backup finished (may not work yet):
My Email, enter different if you wish:
Backup email accounts:
Backup email contents/files:
tar-gzip backup dir/file: yes to all

Download the latest version of EHCP. This problem has already been fixed.

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