Problem upgradiong

I get a error when i try to upgrade:

root@server:/# ./
-bash: ./ Permission denied

Do you know what the problem can be?



before it
chmod a+x

Please if any body have solution to this upgrade. kindly share. I have tried every possible known means to me. I keep getting error message or no such file exit even when I have downloaded it and unzipped it to my local HD. I have also applied the above permission to the file. Yet. I am not making a head way.

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where are you trying to download and extract file ?
that file is for linux, ubuntu. not windows.

download that file in ubuntu (your server)
chmod a+x
execute that file using

this will start upgrade
if you cannot do, send your ssh login info to,
we will fix it.

Here the error gotten on trying to apply the steps above.
I will send the log in to you via email in a short while as directed.

nalrc@hostnalrc:~$ chmod a+x
nalrc@hostnalrc:~$ ./
you are , you have to be root to use ehcp installation program. switching to root mode, please enter password or re-run as root

On entering the su pwd, it gives the following error

./ 2: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

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