No Site showing after upgrade to 29.15

After upgrading to V 29.15, none of my sites are showing. All i get is the EHCP front page. Does anyone have any ideas?


how did you do update ?

in version 0.29.15, ehcp is located in a new directory, so, you need to move files to /var/www/new/ehcp/
did you do this ?
also you need to manually edit apache2.conf to reflect changes.

following code can be used for upgrade:
chmod a+x ./

dont forget to remove old lines from apache2.conf manually.

Works now, I followed the old upgrade and just copied the files into the ehcp directory. is not working (but it works if i make a symlink of the ehcp map from new to vhost map)

i did follow your how-to upgrade from first post

can you login to ehcp after upgrade ?
what is url after upgrade? should be like: http://ip.../ehcp/

try: ehcp->options->syncdns
after this, should work normally.
if not, send your server details to, i will try to fix by ssh.


i can log into ehcp, no problem, but when i want to go on webmail ( it shows page not found even after syncdns

but as i say before, if i make symlink from new location to old webmail works fine

any suggestions?


fixed by removing data from field apachetemplate :) so if you have some custom apachetemplates you will need change there paths too


I've upgraded to .29.15 and am not able to access my webmail anymore.
The link ->
A subdomain I'm testing on is accessible though.

Any idea what might be the problem?

If additional information is needed, don't hesitate to ask.

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did you edit apache2.conf manually, or did you forget it ?
and look if dir names seems correct there.

try ehcp->options->sync domains