Ehcp force edition

(Note: this is a rather old post)

OwN-3m-All has made some changes to standard ehcp installation, fixing some issues. Here is download link:

He made several changes in the along with main ehcp class.
You may download and use/test it at your own.
You may also write your comments here or on his site.
He called this "force edition". Thanks to him for contribution and bug fixes.


Hi, this is my third fresh install one after the other and i have an issue, well two.
1st there is no reliable way to fully uninstall EHCP so that i can start from Scratch
without having to format and reinstall Ubuntu 18.04. EHCP instructions simply don't work
The problem i am having is that all my new domains that i have created in the Root account
are in a subfolder ie. I am also unable to login to MySQL
PHPmyAdmin as it says Access Denied. on the EHCP installation i selected to set my own passwords.
Please can you help. PS i have installed EHCP Force Edition.
Regards Carl


Which version did you install ? if you installed Ehcp force edition above, then, you need to contact its maintainer. That version is not maintained by us ( For Ubuntu 18.04, you need to install ehcp 18.04, look to

If you still have problem, let us know. do not write private info such as passwords here. You may also contact by email.

If you are "maintainer of Ehcp Force edition", then let us know. There are some changes since then in codebase. You need to reflect some of changes. Phpmyadmin is a 3rd party library. That should be considered separately, it is not a core part of Ehcp.