Turn Off EHCP Panel

Is it possible to turn off the panel EHCO via Shell ?
On kloxo panel can through the shell with the command:
"service kloxo stop" --> Turn off
"service kloxo start" --> Turn on

It is possible to make with EHCP ?

describe more,
what you mean by turn off.
turn off web interface ? shell daemon? all services? what ?

I mean just turn off EHCP Panel so to save on memory ram.
means the panel is switched off but work a web site and mail.

/etc/init.d/ehcp stop
but, that will help very little, regarding mem usage.

in this case, panel actions such as add/remove domain will not be applied to the system. removing panel files from /var/www/new has no effect on speed/ram, I think.

about memory & improvement : http://ehcp.net/?q=search/node/memory%20usage